This donation provides access to African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, South & Central American, Adult, and lots more television streams. 

2 Star - Bronze

Device Type OS
  • No refunds, all pledges final. Renew on or before the original start date to avoid termination of access. If access is renewed 10 days after termination , $10 reconnect charge applies.

    Acceptance of pledge makes you a Patron of OldSchoolMedia. 

    Proper parties: the OldSchoolMedia and the Patron/ Contributor

    Object of the contract: “Access to service”

    You (Patron/Contributor) agree to the offering discussed or chosen at OldSchoolMedia accepts your monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual contribution. Old School Media is not offering goods and services, only rewards for patronage.

    Both parties are consenting. OldSchoolMedia does not agree to do anything specific in exchange for this contribution. The "rewards" are not defined or offered as goods and services, the Contributor is aware that OldSchoolMedia has not offered goods and/or services, and the Contributor is agreeing to those terms by becoming a Patron. At any time, the Contributor has the freedom to reject the terms of that implied contract by not pledging and becoming a Patron with rewards.

  • Old School Media accepts many pledge methods. However, only two are free. 
    - Free methods for Old School Media Patrons (Friends and 
              If you pledge using PayPal and funds come direct from 
              your bank, then using PayPal’s  "Friends and Family" will 
              be free. Or pledge using the CashApp “@oldschoolmedia”
    - Alternative methods with charges:
              Request an Invoice and pledge with a Credit Card.  You will be     charged a fee of 2.9% + $0.30.

              If you pledge using PayPal and funds come from your 
              Credit Card, then using PayPal’s  "Friends and Family" will 
              NOT be free. You will be charged a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 
              each transaction.  
              If you pledge using PayPal and funds come from your 
              Credit Card or Bank, then using PayPal’s  "Goods or/and 
              Service" will be free. However, additional transaction fees 
             will get factored in future pledges.